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Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio. In bocca a te ogni cosa muore. Installation view. Foto: Ivo Corrà. Polizist, 2017 / Scultura in legno, 2017 / Gesicht, 2017. Courtesy the artist & T293

LORENZO SCOTTO DI LUZIO. In bocca a te ogni cosa muore

Duration: October 8, 2017 – January 14, 2017’
Opening:  October 7, 2017    
Curated by: Christiane Rekade

Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio (1972 Pozzuoli, lives in Berlin) is a quite sensitive and keen observer of our times and of our society, of man’s small and big weaknesses. He uses various techniques and different materials with extreme irony and freedom in his artworks. His approach is never directed to criticize, rather to comment, a poetic, often tragicomic depiction. His is a comment that is never transformed into judgment – that duty might be left to the spectator. more

Eurotel Meran I, Meran 1958-1960, Stadtarchiv Meran


Architecture of the Modern in South Tyrol 1935-1970

Duration: October 15, 2017 – January 14, 2017
Opening:  October 14, 2017   
Curated by:  Magdalene Schmidt, Andreas Kofler

Armando Ronca’s projects acquire a prominent role among the postwar buildings in Meran and Bozen. Although the modern postwar architecture was conceived as the architectonic expression of a new beginning, its appreciation at the time was limited. Our common suspicion towards a repulsive architecture is today slowly being replaced by the awareness that even at the time, architectonic and urban qualities emerged. The exhibition will show for the first time to the public Armando Ronca’s artwork, whose buildings are mainly to be found in Meran and Bozen. Ronca’s buildings have to be set and investigated within an interest towards the town’s historical development in order to trigger a confrontation with the urban configuration of Meran in the 21st century.

On the occasion of the show, an in-depth catalogue with the documentation will be published, made under the scientific direction of Jörg Stabenow with photographs by Werner Feiersinger, and with the contribution of Andreas Kofler, Massimo Martignoni, Giorgio Mezzalira, Magdalene Schmidt, Luigi Scolari, and Jörg Stabenow, edited by Park Books.





23.12.2017, h 10.00

Geführter Rundgang in Meran mit Die Kuratoren der Ausstellung "Armando Ronca. Architektur der Moderne in Südtirol 1935-1970" Magdalene Schmidt und Andreas Kofler

Treffpunkt: Kunst Meran

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Into the Wild


February 10 – April 8, 2018

Opening: Friday February 9, 2018

The group show Into the Wild investigates the ideas and the representation of nature we have nowadays.

Artists: Gina Folly, Alek O., Stefano Pedrini, Luca Trevisani


Luca Trevisani, Il secco e l'umido, Sudan 2016. courtesy the artist

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