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GIANNI PETTENA - Natural architecture

Gianni Pettena - Paper - The death of the audience, Secession, Vienna, 2009. ph. Verlag Niggli

Duration: 22nd July – 24th September, 2017
Opening: 21st July, 2017
Curator: Christiane Rekade

Gianni Pettena is co-founder and one of the most important representatives of  the„radical Architecture“ of the seventies. Influenced by Conceptual Art and Land Art he develops his installations, photos, drawings and projects while watching nature and landscape and in his works quite often there are no borders between architecture and art.

Although Gianni Pettena left Bolzano as a young adult, South Tyrol’s landscape is fundamental for his artistic work and his comprehension of architecture. This exhibition shows us this constant relationship with the landscape of his native place.

Pettena is  convinced that architecture is already present in nature and the human body and this conviction we can notice in  his works. So he titles one of his fundamental photos series:  About non-conscious architecture (1972/1973). It is a collection of black and white photos, which Pettena made during his stay in the United States. They describe Pettena’s engagement with natural materials and forms.

Within the exhibition in Meran the series  creates a dialogue between the two important cultural landscapes, where Gianni Pettena lived.